Rest yourself bit from worries and problems

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All of us have problems. We are involved in a lot of problem in our life, our family, ourselves and our economy, we suffer a lot but we bear and survive. And I always being concerned with social problems and me and you have a lot of troubles and problems.

So I will give you example about holding small bottle that not weight more than 50 grams, its very light that it’s not heavy while I am holding it, but if I keep holding it for 10 minute I will feel of some pain and if I keep holding it for one hour of course it’s going to hurt my arm, and if I keep holding it for half day or more for sure I will go to hospital.

Has the bottle weight changed?! For sure it hasn’t changed but you keep carrying the bottle its getting heavier more and more because of you keep carrying the bottle for long time not because of the weight, but if you give yourself a rest, you will be able to carry it again and again. It’s a matter of time not a matter of weight.

Do you understand what I mean? I mean that is the same of our problems. If you bear and think of them all the time, you won’t be able to solve them and they will be more complicated and painful for you. So how about having some rest? Stop thinking of the problems? How can we do that?

How to leave your problems away from you, that coming by changing and moving to any other situation.

Play sports, watch comedy or read an interesting book or go for a walk in the park, or the best medicine is go for putting smile on other people face, or help homeless by seeing their problems your problem would be nothing compare to them.

And another way and its most important, have faith or pray for creator and invocate God, and submit to God for moment, make deep connection between you and your body by trying to remember the moments that make you laugh from your heart and with whom then try to contact that person, use the things that make human distinguish than other creatures which its imagination, then use it to see yourself happy and without having trouble and try to define your problems in your vision so you can find way to solve it, so leave the problems for while so you will be able to bear and think of them again.

Please, don’t continue bearing the problems for a long time because it is tiring. Leave them for a short time to be able to carry it again and feel them lighter and easier. Believe me if you do that, thereon you will have a ability to handle them.