Month: October 2013

Smile from Heart:Law of Attractions

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We become what we think we are most of the time, the thoughts that are frequently on your mind are the one most likely to develop into reality, if you have in your mind the idea that you are athlete then your body will be like that, your body will start build muscles fast, your mind like farmer’s land, whatever you put in the land its will grow and give you the same.

Everything you will do or happen to your life depends on your thought if you keep complaining or attract bad think to your mind then that will be reality, try to control these thought and subside it with good feeling  for example instead of saying I hate job or I always being delay on time, focus your mind on the idea of how can I come early, or how can I love my job, definitely it’s not about legs or hands that make other success and doing great things in their life but it’s about mind and mentality.

To grow this seeds you must have believe that God will be in your side too because God Said” I’m near the thought of my servant as he thinks about me, if he thinks positively, he will get it, and if he thinks negatively, he will get it”.

And Prophet Mohammad said” think positively, and you will find it”, that’s magnificent approve  that our thought will reflect on our reality, and when you start negatively it will be like magnet that attracts to it the negativity, any things in our lives passes through three stages:

The 1st is truly believing, and the 2nd is imagine or picturing in the mind, then the 3rd when you turn it into reality right in front of you.

I found these two wonderful quotes trying to change the level of doubt of the human being, by moving the person from being skeptical to allowing him to put possibilities, and transferring the possibilities to level that it will happen.

I just wrote these quotes down to let you remember that our humanity is weak and without support from God, it’s going to be nothing and has no trace, so make strong connection that you are making the effort to have good planning and arrangements, and then the God and universal will be in your side.


Great deeds every day will make you great

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                                   “Do something today that your future self will thank you for “

Do you wake up every day and ask yourself I want to make this day better than previous, or you wake up feel like you don’t know what to do, whatever it was your feeling make sure that this day would be full of energy, happiness and passion that you will take next step to reach your goal,  Every person whom looking to change him/her self they start for while then they stop, because change need to have continuous choice to exposure your mind and to put it in positive message and do it every day  and you get to be willing to believe when you wake up every day  that you will have stunning day, so start early, start with great attitude and follow these things :

  1. Thanks Power: Every day when you wake up thanks God for Five things you have it in your life like: thanks for having parents in your life, or thanks God for giving you new day.

-Then open the window and say “Good Morning God” it’s would build relation between you and the creator, and tell yourself this is new day and I am going to use this day to what bring me goodness for me and for humanity.

-Then stand front of mirror and say to yourself “I love myself “that would help you reach deeply to let you know yourself very well, and being able to see the amazing person that you are.

-Then you need  to ask yourself everyday these questions:

(1)    Who need my love today?!

(2)    How can I serve others today?!

(3)    What would my soul love to do today?!

          2. To have benefit day you must push yourself to do things every day:

To have feeling that you doing well on your day and to be productivity in any stage in your life you must push yourself to do things everyday

1. Work or school: depend on your situation, and do it with happy and keep smiling while you doing that, this will change your feeling and you will become more positive.

2. Worship: it’s by doing regular prayer, whatever your believe is make connection with your creator, and tries to help other people.

3. Exercise: by doing exercise every day for 1 hour.

4. Socialize: that’s by visiting your family and friends, that’s not mean to spend long time with them, be sure your friends have great goal and share these thought with them.

          3. Listen to motivation message every day I guarantee you if you do these things everyday in your life for 6 month, your life won’t be the same again because faith come by hearing and hearing, and that will start interpretation the story in your mind, then will overwrite the story that you believe about your selves, distract all negative thought that you will have it, and which hold you back to get your dream.

Other things would help you by read books and interact with people because of that you will gain great experience from it and your personality will shape. And always keep demand from yourself more than what you expect and don’t compare yourself with other, because that won’t you bring things only disappointed.