Month: September 2013

Challenges face our Dream

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All of us faces different challenges that effect on our dream, and these challenges will pull you back and these challenges are:

  1. Previous programming: and this method built depend on the experience that we have inside ourselves from our parents or the environment like school, and friends all of these things effect on our decision to have dream or to keep going on our dream, because of that a lot of people accept the situation and didn’t try, and they start convince themselves that the success for other not for themselves, and they don’t capable to dream and have one.
  2. Fear : is the biggest enemy for humanity and describe as false evidence appearing real, so ask yourself two questions when you faces this fear:
    1. What are the worse things would happen to me if I did that?
    2. What are the best things would happen to me if I did that?

Sometime who stop you was you, and you could be thieves of your dream, because when you dream and start persuade yourself that you are not capable to achieve this dream so you will never achieve it, and be careful from what you are talking with yourself, else from what other people would telling to you, because 80% from the talking with ourselves are negative and more than 90% from it make internal disease, so be careful  from talking with yourself and being fear from anonymous, or fear from getting refuse or get mocking from others.

Fear is not threat, its gift from God to teach us new things to let you keep moving and being stronger so look at the fear and face him and say to him I was there and you can’t keep effect on me like what you did before.

If you have dream keep it to yourself and don’t say it to other, because they will keep defeat you but you can say it to person you trust that he will support you, and you don’t have competition between you and him, the challenges is salt in our life, and its sweetness that we have and without it the human can’t learning anything new.

And if you have external effect ask yourself, can I learn from it and is it would benefit me or not! My advice is to listen to what the people say and do the opposite then you will success, but still listen and evaluate and amendment on what will fit with your personality.

You must know that God the first time he create you let you separate from your mom by cut your navel to let you become free and thought the way you want, so get read and search then it will not happen to your life meaning unless you start thinking in your way and use your mind not what the people think, then the fountain of hope wouldn’t stop.

Any person in this planet can achieve anything so you can too, and the only things that can stop you is you, all of us have the same things that we have thought and time, and the difference between person like bill Gets and other person who has work and doesn’t produce anything new, it’s the way he use his mind and the way the other use his time to achieve his goal, like one person spend the day complaining and blaming, and the other thinking, comparing and discovering, the first he has positive power and the second has negative, every time he fall down he has courage to stand another time until he reach his dream, the second doesn’t make anything only complaining  and keep saying to himself that I have been working for 30 years in the same place same position, so stop complaining because the dream is inside you, you just need to move the giant inside you and put it in action and with tiny steps you will find that fountain of hope would be surround you too.

Always think that the winter even its wonderful but it’s the beginning of the summer, and the night it’s the beginning of the day, all of the challenges it’s the beginning of success,  you are the best creation in this world, then the God create you the best way so stop of complaining and being frustrated, and live every moment in your life as it the last moment , live with love to yourself and love others and keep improving every day and appreciate the value of life.


Account Yourself

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How many of you got information and say to yourself that’s great one, and its will change my life for better even its small steps that its need from you, I will give example you will go to library and you like book then you buy this one then you start read one or two pages after that you stopped, sure you won’t get benefit from it because you must have the power and the system inside yourself that let you not push but pull yourself toward that things for not just read it but also apply and take action to do that in your life.

The oldest people always said ”God teach us what will benefit us, and make us got benefit from this knowledge” after knowledge it’s will come work and apply it as a whole piece not separate, it’s not like you have thinking in a side,  your work in other side, and your saying in different side, so that will lead you to got confuse, like horses pull cart if there’s no one guide them where to go then  every one of them go in their own side the cart would broke. You must show that all of these things have congruence.

With good plan and have willing to stuck with it you can reach and do small things every day, then it will let you do in one years what you would do in 3 or 5 years without plan. There is wonderful Arabic quote said” Knowledge is hunt and write it down is restriction”, to achieve your goal that you want in your life and that wouldn’t coming unless you put strategic plan and write it down and you must have a power to see it in above of it like how you can move it and do it by practice yourself to use imagination not your memory or mentally side, having ability to precognition it and predict the event and the future that will guide you to reach their, and make sure that all the path that you will take to serve your strategic and don’t give it any distract, so you need to put strategic to whole of your life and looking for it from sky, instead of act depends on the situation or what’s will happen with you then your reaction will come, and that’s what it’s called “ manufactures the event” and don’t be the reaction of this event’s.

Take time and “account yourself”  that will give you privilege chance to account yourself and your achievement before any other one will do that for you, like your bank account you will keep checking it from time to time before it will become zero. To reach to this point you need to take deep breath then take time and be honest with yourself by asking deeply one, what I did in the past was for, then  where it will reach me, and if I still doing the same things for which point I will reach in my life.