Changing your habits

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     Have you ever try to change something and you want to do that and keep asking yourself I wanted and I do my best to get it , but it doesn’t work,  let’s say that you want to start wake up early and you try every day to do that and put alarm to help you wake up, but you don’t wake up because you don’t help yourself before that, do you sleep early and give yourself the best rest for your body, do you ask yourself why I want to wake up, and what the main reason  and the benefit to do that , to do that you must change your habits but before that you must change your rituals and the way you spend your day.

     I am telling you it will take time and just small steps to start, then after that you will find yourself enjoyable what you are doing. and to make anything’s habit you must push yourself to keep doing it continually every day for 40 days then you will accustom on it and you will do it without thinking, be sure things won’t come to you without sacrifices , and most important to be able to sacrifices at any moment on what you are to what you want to become, some of you focusing on the cell phone and start telling yourself if I don’t answer it I will die, I am telling you if you give up on your cell phone you will have time to focus on what you want and you won’t got distract, because the time that you spend on cell phone can let you change your rituals, you might telling yourself that I am bad in written, it’s not that you are bad but you don’t try it before and you don’t put time to do it.

       So I will give you some points and questions that will help you change your habit and do better in your life, just be honest with yourself and ask yourself deeply!

–          Do you have strong willing? (Its mean do you have ability to challenge yourself and keep trying and being tough or you give up quickly).

–          Are you strong enough? (Its mean do you have capability to take initiative or you wait until other people do it or ordering you to do it).

–           Are you selfish person or able to give?

      To let you answer about these questions very well, do some volunteer works and interact with people even if you got hurt from them, it’s better to got hurt and learn and being stronger than stay in your house without connect with people, and believe in yourself because the difference between the world and you is only you then YOU, know that the God won’t change any person until he/she willing to change their selves, and have fear from not trying, just do these things and your habit will definitely would change. 


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