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I just found myself need to play and stop worrying, then I read this article which start automatically built new way to live my life with more playing and more happier, its the first article that’s not my own though but it deserved to post it here.


Within a matter of months, I quit two amazing jobs.

The first was director of special projects for Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek and The 4-Hour Body. Secondly, I was the co-founder of a profitable tech startup.

Both gigs had highly desirable qualities: I got to work on exciting projects, collaborate with talented people, and I was making good money. For a 25-year-old, I was living the dream.

But then I quit.

Whenever I had to explain why I’d left, I felt spoiled and embarrassed. I had no desire to do the work–I wasn’t interested in what I was doing anymore–and I’d burned myself out.

And yet, I still felt obligated to live up to people’s expectations. Everyone asked me what I was going to do next. And I’d panic inside because it felt like I was losing. There was this voice in my head that kept telling me how far I’d come, and now I was blowing it. I’d let everyone down. I needed to become a successful CEO or a millionaire in order for the world to accept that I was okay again.

This pressure I felt to make it was such a burden–until I realized that no level of success was ever going to be enough. I would always be chasing the world outside of me. What was the point of working so hard if it wasn’t for my own happiness? The solution became very clear: stop doing work that doesn’t matter to you.

You might roll your eyes at this. “I can’t quit my job! I have a family and bills to pay!” I understand. I didn’t quit everything I didn’t want to work on right away. I just started making a conscious effort to work on projects I actually cared about.


Rather than viewing work as a stressful obligation, or a means of getting rich, my work was a game I chose to play.

I wanted my work to be a game I would willingly play. I thought back on the activities I repeatedly played throughout my life because they were fun and I was good at them:

  • Creating my own art
  • Making people laugh
  • Developing skills
  • Building with my hands

I started setting aside 20 minutes each day to play one of my games. I’d come up with a fun project that allowed me to do work I cared about. The project could be small (assembling furniture, drawing a funny picture) or ambitious (learning a guitar solo, writing my first book). As long as I gave myself 20 minutes each day to work on something personally rewarding, I was happy. It gave me an internal paycheck.

I wanted to spend more of my time doing these things, so I gave myself a rule: Any work I did had to allow me to create my own art, make people laugh, develop my skills, or build something with my hands. If the gig didn’t meet my criteria, then I would turn it down. The work had to be its own reward.

Before I quit my jobs, my state of mind was messed up. I never thought of my work as a game; it was simply work. Every day was serious business. I needed to get more results. I needed to earn more money. I needed to have more success. I needed more–and I completely missed the point.


When I tackle work with a sense of play, my creativity and optimism soar. I fall in love with the process. My energy becomes contagious, and I’m able to create unique art with the people around me.

I’ve met a lot of incredibly talented and successful people, and nearly all of them approach their lives this way–they play.

No one forces them to work on things they don’t care about or tells them how to spend their time. They just give themselves permission to follow their impulses and pursue what excites them. They create a little universe that revolves around their own fun.

Instead of grinding it out in jobs they hate, these people become passionate and highly skilled at what they do. They team up with other great players and collaborate on interesting projects. Then one day, they’re making magic. Their mastery shines through in everything they create, society reaps the benefits of their gifts, and our world changes.

Need proof? Just check out what some of the most revered and accomplished members of society have to say about choosing to play for a living.

Every treasured contribution in the history of mankind was created through play: music, art, books, film, comedy, sports, dance, transportation, technology. We pay a premium for these things so we can experience the fruits of other people’s play!

Play is the true source of all the immeasurable value and wealth humans have injected into this world. It’s the DNA of our culture, and the backbone of our global economy. All of our most beloved creativity, profitable innovations, and fulfilling jobs have come from the freedom to have our own fun, for hours and weeks and years on end.

If we all pursued our own interests and natural talents, we’d fall in love with our work. We’d become highly skilled at what we do. Ingenuity would thrive, the quality of our goods and services would rise, and our lives would become richer.

Today, we all work because that’s what we’re told to do. But our system is broken. Every company is downsizing, outsourcing, and strapping their remaining employees with bigger workloads. The unemployed masses are left to fight for measly paychecks that come attached to uninspired, mind-numbing jobs. To the many who bought into the old ways of work, the future looks grim.

But there is a way out, a simple choice in how we approach our lives: to play for a living.

Charlie Hoehn is the author of Play It Away: A Workaholic’s Cure for Anxiety.



Rest yourself bit from worries and problems

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All of us have problems. We are involved in a lot of problem in our life, our family, ourselves and our economy, we suffer a lot but we bear and survive. And I always being concerned with social problems and me and you have a lot of troubles and problems.

So I will give you example about holding small bottle that not weight more than 50 grams, its very light that it’s not heavy while I am holding it, but if I keep holding it for 10 minute I will feel of some pain and if I keep holding it for one hour of course it’s going to hurt my arm, and if I keep holding it for half day or more for sure I will go to hospital.

Has the bottle weight changed?! For sure it hasn’t changed but you keep carrying the bottle its getting heavier more and more because of you keep carrying the bottle for long time not because of the weight, but if you give yourself a rest, you will be able to carry it again and again. It’s a matter of time not a matter of weight.

Do you understand what I mean? I mean that is the same of our problems. If you bear and think of them all the time, you won’t be able to solve them and they will be more complicated and painful for you. So how about having some rest? Stop thinking of the problems? How can we do that?

How to leave your problems away from you, that coming by changing and moving to any other situation.

Play sports, watch comedy or read an interesting book or go for a walk in the park, or the best medicine is go for putting smile on other people face, or help homeless by seeing their problems your problem would be nothing compare to them.

And another way and its most important, have faith or pray for creator and invocate God, and submit to God for moment, make deep connection between you and your body by trying to remember the moments that make you laugh from your heart and with whom then try to contact that person, use the things that make human distinguish than other creatures which its imagination, then use it to see yourself happy and without having trouble and try to define your problems in your vision so you can find way to solve it, so leave the problems for while so you will be able to bear and think of them again.

Please, don’t continue bearing the problems for a long time because it is tiring. Leave them for a short time to be able to carry it again and feel them lighter and easier. Believe me if you do that, thereon you will have a ability to handle them. 

Greedy strategy to win Black Friday

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All of us know how the people become crazy in Thanksgiving and Black Friday about what things they can buy and how much money they will spend on that day, and all of the people will forget in that day how much their budgets are miserable, and they put their energy and their mind on something not priorities for them.
You can’t stop that feelings inside you, that no I want to chasing deals and grab the best offer, so there is a best strategy that will help you got what you want and enjoy your day with people that you love, before of that let me remind you that you live in this world with others that mean they have feelings and need like you, then if there is any things would be for you it will come for you without even without doing hard effort, so calm down and follow this plan.

First make sure to enjoy your time with the people you love and they love you, because in this life the people are hungry for passion and love more than for bread, give them your time and love by showing them that you appreciate their time and you love to be with them, then don’t forget to make your stomach have some fun by feeding it delicious turkey, then put plan and stick yourself to follow it, by determine which way is your favorite to make shopping, is it online or door buster, then write down the things that you need it not want, because it will help you save a lot of money,
So if your choices to stay home and focus on online shopping then keep searching in reigning market, or if you just can’t resist the door busters that retailers are already tantalizing us with, you should bundle up and head out and wait in line.

Last things remember its thanksgiving and there is a lot of people out there are homeless or needy, so don’t forget to give them something, or some of the money that you save it from having good deals. Gain this day by making difference for yourself and the people outside, by giving not just taking, and appreciate with grateful and thankful, and give more than what you expect to take then the universe will give you more. Happy Thanksgiving all.

Smile from Heart:Law of Attractions

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We become what we think we are most of the time, the thoughts that are frequently on your mind are the one most likely to develop into reality, if you have in your mind the idea that you are athlete then your body will be like that, your body will start build muscles fast, your mind like farmer’s land, whatever you put in the land its will grow and give you the same.

Everything you will do or happen to your life depends on your thought if you keep complaining or attract bad think to your mind then that will be reality, try to control these thought and subside it with good feeling  for example instead of saying I hate job or I always being delay on time, focus your mind on the idea of how can I come early, or how can I love my job, definitely it’s not about legs or hands that make other success and doing great things in their life but it’s about mind and mentality.

To grow this seeds you must have believe that God will be in your side too because God Said” I’m near the thought of my servant as he thinks about me, if he thinks positively, he will get it, and if he thinks negatively, he will get it”.

And Prophet Mohammad said” think positively, and you will find it”, that’s magnificent approve  that our thought will reflect on our reality, and when you start negatively it will be like magnet that attracts to it the negativity, any things in our lives passes through three stages:

The 1st is truly believing, and the 2nd is imagine or picturing in the mind, then the 3rd when you turn it into reality right in front of you.

I found these two wonderful quotes trying to change the level of doubt of the human being, by moving the person from being skeptical to allowing him to put possibilities, and transferring the possibilities to level that it will happen.

I just wrote these quotes down to let you remember that our humanity is weak and without support from God, it’s going to be nothing and has no trace, so make strong connection that you are making the effort to have good planning and arrangements, and then the God and universal will be in your side.

Great deeds every day will make you great

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                                   “Do something today that your future self will thank you for “

Do you wake up every day and ask yourself I want to make this day better than previous, or you wake up feel like you don’t know what to do, whatever it was your feeling make sure that this day would be full of energy, happiness and passion that you will take next step to reach your goal,  Every person whom looking to change him/her self they start for while then they stop, because change need to have continuous choice to exposure your mind and to put it in positive message and do it every day  and you get to be willing to believe when you wake up every day  that you will have stunning day, so start early, start with great attitude and follow these things :

  1. Thanks Power: Every day when you wake up thanks God for Five things you have it in your life like: thanks for having parents in your life, or thanks God for giving you new day.

-Then open the window and say “Good Morning God” it’s would build relation between you and the creator, and tell yourself this is new day and I am going to use this day to what bring me goodness for me and for humanity.

-Then stand front of mirror and say to yourself “I love myself “that would help you reach deeply to let you know yourself very well, and being able to see the amazing person that you are.

-Then you need  to ask yourself everyday these questions:

(1)    Who need my love today?!

(2)    How can I serve others today?!

(3)    What would my soul love to do today?!

          2. To have benefit day you must push yourself to do things every day:

To have feeling that you doing well on your day and to be productivity in any stage in your life you must push yourself to do things everyday

1. Work or school: depend on your situation, and do it with happy and keep smiling while you doing that, this will change your feeling and you will become more positive.

2. Worship: it’s by doing regular prayer, whatever your believe is make connection with your creator, and tries to help other people.

3. Exercise: by doing exercise every day for 1 hour.

4. Socialize: that’s by visiting your family and friends, that’s not mean to spend long time with them, be sure your friends have great goal and share these thought with them.

          3. Listen to motivation message every day I guarantee you if you do these things everyday in your life for 6 month, your life won’t be the same again because faith come by hearing and hearing, and that will start interpretation the story in your mind, then will overwrite the story that you believe about your selves, distract all negative thought that you will have it, and which hold you back to get your dream.

Other things would help you by read books and interact with people because of that you will gain great experience from it and your personality will shape. And always keep demand from yourself more than what you expect and don’t compare yourself with other, because that won’t you bring things only disappointed.

Challenges face our Dream

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All of us faces different challenges that effect on our dream, and these challenges will pull you back and these challenges are:

  1. Previous programming: and this method built depend on the experience that we have inside ourselves from our parents or the environment like school, and friends all of these things effect on our decision to have dream or to keep going on our dream, because of that a lot of people accept the situation and didn’t try, and they start convince themselves that the success for other not for themselves, and they don’t capable to dream and have one.
  2. Fear : is the biggest enemy for humanity and describe as false evidence appearing real, so ask yourself two questions when you faces this fear:
    1. What are the worse things would happen to me if I did that?
    2. What are the best things would happen to me if I did that?

Sometime who stop you was you, and you could be thieves of your dream, because when you dream and start persuade yourself that you are not capable to achieve this dream so you will never achieve it, and be careful from what you are talking with yourself, else from what other people would telling to you, because 80% from the talking with ourselves are negative and more than 90% from it make internal disease, so be careful  from talking with yourself and being fear from anonymous, or fear from getting refuse or get mocking from others.

Fear is not threat, its gift from God to teach us new things to let you keep moving and being stronger so look at the fear and face him and say to him I was there and you can’t keep effect on me like what you did before.

If you have dream keep it to yourself and don’t say it to other, because they will keep defeat you but you can say it to person you trust that he will support you, and you don’t have competition between you and him, the challenges is salt in our life, and its sweetness that we have and without it the human can’t learning anything new.

And if you have external effect ask yourself, can I learn from it and is it would benefit me or not! My advice is to listen to what the people say and do the opposite then you will success, but still listen and evaluate and amendment on what will fit with your personality.

You must know that God the first time he create you let you separate from your mom by cut your navel to let you become free and thought the way you want, so get read and search then it will not happen to your life meaning unless you start thinking in your way and use your mind not what the people think, then the fountain of hope wouldn’t stop.

Any person in this planet can achieve anything so you can too, and the only things that can stop you is you, all of us have the same things that we have thought and time, and the difference between person like bill Gets and other person who has work and doesn’t produce anything new, it’s the way he use his mind and the way the other use his time to achieve his goal, like one person spend the day complaining and blaming, and the other thinking, comparing and discovering, the first he has positive power and the second has negative, every time he fall down he has courage to stand another time until he reach his dream, the second doesn’t make anything only complaining  and keep saying to himself that I have been working for 30 years in the same place same position, so stop complaining because the dream is inside you, you just need to move the giant inside you and put it in action and with tiny steps you will find that fountain of hope would be surround you too.

Always think that the winter even its wonderful but it’s the beginning of the summer, and the night it’s the beginning of the day, all of the challenges it’s the beginning of success,  you are the best creation in this world, then the God create you the best way so stop of complaining and being frustrated, and live every moment in your life as it the last moment , live with love to yourself and love others and keep improving every day and appreciate the value of life.

Account Yourself

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How many of you got information and say to yourself that’s great one, and its will change my life for better even its small steps that its need from you, I will give example you will go to library and you like book then you buy this one then you start read one or two pages after that you stopped, sure you won’t get benefit from it because you must have the power and the system inside yourself that let you not push but pull yourself toward that things for not just read it but also apply and take action to do that in your life.

The oldest people always said ”God teach us what will benefit us, and make us got benefit from this knowledge” after knowledge it’s will come work and apply it as a whole piece not separate, it’s not like you have thinking in a side,  your work in other side, and your saying in different side, so that will lead you to got confuse, like horses pull cart if there’s no one guide them where to go then  every one of them go in their own side the cart would broke. You must show that all of these things have congruence.

With good plan and have willing to stuck with it you can reach and do small things every day, then it will let you do in one years what you would do in 3 or 5 years without plan. There is wonderful Arabic quote said” Knowledge is hunt and write it down is restriction”, to achieve your goal that you want in your life and that wouldn’t coming unless you put strategic plan and write it down and you must have a power to see it in above of it like how you can move it and do it by practice yourself to use imagination not your memory or mentally side, having ability to precognition it and predict the event and the future that will guide you to reach their, and make sure that all the path that you will take to serve your strategic and don’t give it any distract, so you need to put strategic to whole of your life and looking for it from sky, instead of act depends on the situation or what’s will happen with you then your reaction will come, and that’s what it’s called “ manufactures the event” and don’t be the reaction of this event’s.

Take time and “account yourself”  that will give you privilege chance to account yourself and your achievement before any other one will do that for you, like your bank account you will keep checking it from time to time before it will become zero. To reach to this point you need to take deep breath then take time and be honest with yourself by asking deeply one, what I did in the past was for, then  where it will reach me, and if I still doing the same things for which point I will reach in my life.